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My name is Sasha Herman and I am a Rotterdam based artist. My work often focuses on the art of stop motion animation, there is nothing more fascinating to me than watching inanimate objects come to life through the medium of photography. My projects often begin as a series of experiments, during this phase I do not know how the final work will turn out, but trust that as long as what I am working on remains compelling, something of interest will result. Over time these seemingly disparate elements, amalgamate, change and slowly come together to form finished and cohesive works.

When creating, I follow my own fascinations and interests. In doing so, however, I aim at creating art that is compelling to my audience and hopefully lets them enjoy and interpret it in their own individual way. I am often told that my work stands out for its originality. I am immensely happy that from my simple and personal fascinations, I am able to create works that can be university appreciated.

Sasha Herman
Untitled (self portrait), oil on canvas. 2014